Rock Picking Made Easy, Eliminate Handpicking For Good!

the Precision Rock Picker vs Competitors

The TerraClear Rock Picker is designed to fill a gap in what is available today for farmers to pick rock from fields.

Eliminate handpicking for good!

The days of having young, readily accessible labor to help pick rock by walking along side ATV’s or tractors picking rock is no more. Therefore, finding ways to work more efficiently is a must for farmers. This hydraulically powered robotic arm allows one operator to quickly and easily grab rocks 6-24″ in size without stepping out of the machine. If the rock is larger simply lift the arm and use the bucket. The Rock Picker arm moves left to right, up and down while the paddles pull the rock into the bucket.

Selective picking increases efficiency!

Standard rock picking equipment requires the operator to comb an entire field collecting rock. The TerraClear Rock Picker easily mounts on a compact track loader giving the operator versatility to move easily and quickly around the field and focus only on the problem areas.

Keep all your precious soil, discard only the rock!

The TerraClear Rock Picker is hard on rocks but gentle on soil. The Rock Picker focuses only on the rock and the paddles naturally clean off any soil on the rock, leaving the soil in the field where it is needed.

Minimal ground disturbance expands the window for rock picking!

The Rock Picker is designed to allow farmers to pick rock pre-seeded and seeded fields. The picker is designed to collect the rock without disturbing the ground or leaving a hole, and the compact track loader has minimal compaction, allowing farmers to remove the most troublesome rocks from the field in a wider variety of field conditions.

Check out the video showcasing the TerraClear Rock Picker working alongside other rock pickers.

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