GeekWire – Ag-tech startup TerraClear raises $15M to grow its end-to-end solution for ridding fields of rocksGeekWire –

The article by GreekWire highlights the groundbreaking efforts of ag-tech startup TerraClear, which recently secured $15 million in funding to further develop its innovative solutions aimed at revolutionizing agriculture. Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, and Grangeville, Idaho, TerraClear is dedicated to simplifying the labor-intensive process of removing rocks from farmers’ fields.

What sets TerraClear apart is its comprehensive approach. Rather than merely selling equipment, the company aims to provide a suite of services to address the rock problem. In essence, TerraClear’s end-to-end solution represents a significant advancement in agricultural technology, with the potential to transform farming practices and enhance productivity. 

By GreekWire | April 1st, 2024


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