Freedom from rocks.
Freedom to farm.

Rock Picking Solutions

TerraClear’s end-to-end solutions free farmers from their rock problems. 

Rock Picking Service

Labor-saving efficiency as TerraClear’s service providers take care of it all

Flexible scheduling to meet your tight picking window

Unmatched thoroughness; we find and remove more rocks than ever before

Rock Map

Locate rocks, precisely, so you can plan how best to manage them

Pick more efficiently with a rock map; available on any phone or tablet

Delegate effectively to workers and monitor their progress

Rock Picker

Eliminate human fatigue with the most efficient way to pick rock

Compatible with your existing tractor, CTL, or skid steer 

Durability to handle the pounding of tons of rocks

Do You Like Getting Your Hands Dirty?

What Our Farmers Are Saying

“The technology that is involved in this machinery is ingenious! The kids put in a lot of P.E. hours picking rocks this spring while we were in quarantine. The “COVID Rock Pickin’ Crew” approves!!”

— NR Rehder Farms

“TerraClear’s Rock Picker opened up a picking window for my operation and saved me from inevitable rock damage during harvest.”

— Jerry Arnzen, Farmer

“Seeing how the TerraClear team used the Rock Map and the Rock Picker to pick the troublesome rocks from my field was remarkable. It saved me time during a tight window around planting.”

— Mark Baune, Farmer

Tc100 rock picker testimonial

“What you guys did in 6 hours would have taken me 2 weeks and I would not have done as good of a job.”

— Scott Wasem, Farmer

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In the News

Today we are pleased to report that TerraClear’s existing investors have poured an additional $15M into capturing the untapped $2.7B rock management market. 

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Farm4Profit Podcast- In a recent episode of the Farm4Profit podcast, TerraClear shared their game-changing technology in advanced rock picking.

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