Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Browse our list of FAQs for the Rock Picker, Rock Mapping Service, and TerraClear Opportunities. If you have additional questions, please inquire below.

TerraClear Rock Picker

How much does the TerraClear Rock Picker cost?


The TC80 Rock Picker is available for $19,999USD and the TC100 Rock Picker is available for $29,999USD. Email for more information.

Where can I get TerraClear's Rock Picker?


The TC80 Rock Picker and TC100 Rock Picker is available for online purchase.

What size of rock is the TerraClear Rock Picker able to pick?


The “sweet spot” for the TerraClear Rock Picker is rocks between 4″ and 26″. The Rock Picker retracts and the bucket can be used for larger than 26".

What field types and conditions are suitable for the TerraClear Rock Picker?


The TerraClear Rock Picker is designed to have minimal soil disturbance and can be used on any field in which you are comfortable driving a compact track loader.  Watch the Rock Picker in action in various field types.

How long do the belts last?


The belts on the TerraClear Rock Picker generally last over 150 hours and can pick up to 50,000 rocks, and often last longer. The belts are simple and inexpensive to replace.

What are the dumping capabilities of the Rock Picker?


The TerraClear Rock Picker is able to dump in scab patches, over fences, in trailers, and in trucks. The Rock Picker shares the same dumping capabilities that the compact track loader provides.

How fast is the Rock Picker able to pick?


The TerraClear Rock Picker generally picks up to 600 rocks per hour. TerraClear's Rock Mapping Service increases the efficiency of the rock picking process. The number of rocks picked will vary depending on the density of the rocks, the size of the field, and the distance to the rock dumping location.

What are the Rock Picker compatibilities and requirements?


The TerraClear Rock Picker is compatible with most closed cab compact track loaders that have 18+ gal/minute hydraulics and 50% tipping capacity of 2800 lbs. See more specifications and compatibility information about the TerraClear Rock Picker here, or inquire about other compatibility information here.

How much does the TerraClear Rock Picker weigh?


The TC80 Rock Picker weighs 1600 lbs and the TC100 Rock Picker weighs 1300 lbs. See more Rock Picker specifications here.

TerraClear Rock Mapping

What is the TerraClear Rock Map?


TerraClear flies your fields with a drone to gather high-resolution imagery. The images are then examined using artificial intelligence to pinpoint the location and the size of the rocks in your field that are 8" and larger. The digital map format (on a tablet or phone) allows you to travel through your fields efficiently from rock to rock. Time spent picking rock is significantly decreased when utilizing the TerraClear Rock Picker. The window for picking rock is increased with a Rock Map because you know the exact location of the rocks in your field. Learn more about TerraClear’s rock mapping and end-to-end solution here.

What are the field types and conditions suitable for TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service?


The TerraClear Rock Mapping Service is available for many field types and conditions and is most accurate in cultivated-bare soil fields. Early growth pastures, low emergence seeded fields, and medium to low residue or stubble fields are also acceptable conditions for the Rock Mapping Service. If the rock is visible, TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service is a suitable solution for your fields. Farmers can also utilize the Rock Map after seeding and pick rock at the most convenient time, expanding the rock picking window. Learn more about TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service here, or inquire here to get a rock map for your fields.

Where is the TerraClear Rock Mapping Service Available?


TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service is currently available in the Pacific Northwest and Minnesota, but we are growing the geographic reach of our Mapping Service. Please contact us here if you are interested in our Rock Mapping Service.

How accurate is the location of rock on the Rock Map?


The location accuracy of rocks on the Rock Map is less than 50cm. TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service is an efficient and accurate way to determine the location and sizes of rocks in you field. Learn more about TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service here.

What equipment do I need to view and use the Rock Map?


TerraClear’s Rock Maps are easy to use and do not require special equipment. To view and use the Rock Map, you will need an Android phone, iPhone, or tablet with GPS service. To increase the accuracy, a Bluetooth or other affordable GPS options can be used. Contact us here for more information regarding devices and equipment compatible with TerraClear Rock Maps.

Can I fly my own fields if I have a drone?


Currently, mapping is only available through approved 3rd parties and TerraClear.

TerraClear Opportunities

How can I become a service provider with TerraClear?


TerraClear has opportunities for custom/service providers interested in offering Rock Picking Services to farmers and operators using the TerraClear Rock Picker and Rock Map services. If you are interested, submit an inquiry to and we will contact you to discuss.

Is TerraClear currently hiring?


TerraClear is always looking for top talent. Learn more about career opportunities and open positions here, or email us at

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