Rock Picker

Versatile implement that enables highly efficient precision picking with minimal soil disruption. Capable of operating in a wide range of field conditions.
The rock picker is a versatile implement that makes picking rock easy
Heavy duty construction for durability

Heavy Duty Construction

Compatible with most skid steers

Compatible with most skid steers

Easy to use rock picker

Easy to Use

Quick attachment rock picker

Quick Attachment


Fitted To: Compatible with most models of 60hp+ class skid steers
Working Width: 3' picking swath
Picking Capacity: Up to 400 rocks per hour
Picking ground speed range:
up to 3mph
Rock Size: 6”-24”
Max degree of bury: 6” below ground level
Picker Weight: 1600lb
Max capacity: >1500lb of rock (depends on skid steer rating)
Manufactured: United States
Compatible rock picker with most skid steers