Don Scribner -
Director, Product

12 years of global experience in Agricultural Manufacturing and Technology Development. Leading the development of key solutions to support local customer needs in agriculture thru deep customer understanding and analysis.


Heidi Lindsley -
Director, Sales/Success

Heidi Lindsley is the Sales, Support, and Customer Success Director of TerraClear, which she joined in March of 2020. Prior to joining TerraClear, Heidi worked for Hewlett Packard for 20 years leading global teams in a variety of Corporate Strategy and Worldwide Marketing groups. Before that, she worked for an engineering start-up in the Pulp and Paper Industry while getting her master’s degree. Heidi has an MBE from the University of Idaho, a BS in Business and Economics from Boise State University. Heidi lives in a small, rural Idaho area, where she co-owns a small business and farm with her husband.


Steve Brown -
Director, Marketing

Steve Brown is the Director of Marketing at TerraClear, which he joined in 2021. Prior to TerraClear, he worked for Microsoft before building and leading Product Marketing teams at multiple Seattle-based unicorn startups, including Smartsheet [SMAR] and Highspot. Steve earned an MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business and a BS from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.  


Alex Terekhov -
Director, AI

Alex Terekhov leads the company's deep learning and computer vision teams. He is responsible for TerraClear’s machine learning and machine vision technology roadmap, AI model strategy and data science infrastructure. Alex has more than 10 years of experience in AI, robotics, and human perception. He received his PhD in math from Moscow State University and was an associate researcher at UC Berkeley prior to shifting to industry. He developed one of the world's first digital SpiderCam-like systems - commercialized as RobyCam. He also discovered the perceptual phenomenon which is now used in Apple’s taptic engine


Mary Reeder -
VP, Software Engineering

Mary Reeder has more than 25 years of experience leading engineering and operations teams for early-stage and larger technology companies. Prior to joining TerraClear, she served as Vice President of Identity and Security Products at Visa, Inc. Mary also served as Chief Technology Officer at Finsphere Corporation (mobile identity authentication services) and HouseValues (hosted service for real estate professionals), where she led the full software product lifecycle, from design through development, deployment, and operations. Mary was part of the executive leadership team at Onyx Software with responsibility for software development.


Vivek Nayak -
VP, Engineering

Vivek is co-founder and VP Engineering at TerraClear, where he leads the team developing the rock picker. Prior to this, he co-founded and ran operations at Tuusso Energy, a utility-scale solar power developer, where the team successfully developed 145MW of grid-connected solar power plants over the United States. Before that, he worked in business development and licensing operations at Intellectual Ventures, as a management consultant at Bain and Company and in simulation software development at Dassault Systemes/Simulia. Vivek has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an MS in ME from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and a B.Tech in ME from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.


Mike Hampton-
Director, Operations

Mike is the Director of Operations at TerraClear, overseeing the finance, manufacturing, supply chain, IT, field operations, and HR functions of the business. Mike previously served for 11 years as a SEAL Naval Officer, where he led operations throughout the globe, deploying numerous times across three continents. Prior to his time in the Navy, Mike graduated from the Naval Academy with a BS in Ocean Engineering and earned an MBA from the Naval Postgraduate School with a focus in Financial Management.


Trevor Thompson - President

Trevor is currently the President of TerraClear, a pacific northwest technology innovation company developing an automated solution for rocks in farm fields. Trevor previously served for 14 years as a SEAL Naval Officer, where he led operations throughout the globe, deploying numerous times across three continents. Prior to his time in the SEAL Teams, Trevor graduated from the Naval Academy with a BS in History and earned a Master of Philosophy from Oxford University where he studied on a Rhodes Scholarship. Trevor resides in Issaquah, WA, with his wife and three young children.


Brent Frei -
CEO & Founder

Brent Frei has co-founded 3 companies prior to founding TerraClear. He took both Onyx Software [ONXS] and Smartsheet [SMAR] from inception through IPO in the software technology space - each achieving in excess of $1B market capitalizations. His HarvestWest company is a farmland investment fund that has enabled investors to own farmland in the Pacific Northwest as an alternative asset class. Brent holds an AB/BE in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College, and a lifetime of life's most useful knowledge from farming with his folks in Idaho.

Our Company

Today & Beyond

TerraClear’s product roadmap includes further integrating AI and computer vision with a fully autonomous rock picker platform. Think Roomba for rocks. “We’re working every day towards an autonomous solution for rock picking - and that is a multi-year project. Along the way, we’re building solutions that solve this problem better than anything out there,” says President Trevor Thompson.  

With offices and workshops in Issaquah, WA, and Grangeville, ID, TerraClear is growing fast, raising $38M from investors, including Seattle-based Madrona Venture Group. Now whether you’re interested in TerraClear's products and services or are interested in joining the team of nearly 30 strong, TerraClear wants to hear from you!

September 2022
Pre-orders open up for the faster and higher capacity TC100 Rock Picker.
April 2022
General commercial availability is announced for the TC80 Rock Picker.
September 2021
The Rock Picker Early Adopter Fall Program sells out while end-to-end third-party picking services become available in parts of Idaho and Minnesota.
May 2021
Series A funding led by Madrona Venture Group fuels our growth with a $25M round.
April 2021
Our Spring Adopter Program sells the first rock picker to Stuivenga Farms in Grangeville, ID.
September 2020
We deliver our first paid end-to-end service delivery of rock mapping and rock picking.
May 2020
Our first skid steer-based Rock Picker begins operating in the Camas Prairie.
March 2020
Our team grows rapidly as we prepare to bring our products and services to market.
August 2019
Our first large-scale fields are mapped with TerraClear's drone-derived Rock Mapping technology.
June 2019
After numerous prototypes and continuous farmer feedback, the Rock Picker is ready for in-field tests.
January 2018
Our small team with expertise in mechanical design, AI, robotics, and farming begins research and development.
December 2017
TerraClear, Inc. is founded, with offices eventually opening in Bellevue, WA and Grangeville, ID.
July 2017
Founder Brent Frei recognizes that the age-old problem of clearing rocks from fields has inadequate age-old solutions.

Our Leaders

Brent Frei

CEO & Founder
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Trevor Thompson


Mary Reeder

VP, Software Engineering

Vivek Nayak

VP, Engineering

Heidi Lindsley

Dir., Sales/Success

Don Scribner

Director, Product

Steve Brown

Director, Marketing

Career Opportunities

We are a close-knit team with diverse backgrounds and are creative, collaborative, and driven problem solvers who love coming to work every day. If you like getting your hands dirty and bringing world-class technology to farmers, please reach out to us.