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A new way to pick rock.

TerraClear’s Rock Picker is a versatile solution that enables highly efficient and precise rock picking with minimal soil disruption.

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TC80 Rock Picker

TC80 Rock Picker

TerraClear’s TC80 Rock Picker is one of the most versatile and efficient precision rock picker available today. It can pick rocks between 4″ – 26″, pull up buried rock, and can cover huge fields with a picking at a rate of 400 rocks/hour.

From the Farm

“The TerraClear Rock Picker is able to get 99% of the stones that need to be picked and has cut the time and labor spent picking stones in half.” 

— Preston Hoopes, Farmer

“With the TerraClear Rock Picker we are getting 2x acres done with 88% less labor, in comparison to the time it took without it.”

— Dusty Zander, Farmer

“The TerraClear Rock Picker is a safer way to pick rock, no pinched fingers, no hurt backs, less danger.”

— Ben Hesse, Farmer

“What took us 4 days and 6 guys was reduced to 1 day and 3 guys using the TerraClear Rock Picker.”

— Evan Aardena, Farm Mgr.

Compatibility and Requirements

Rock Picker FAQs

TC80 Rock Picker is available for $19,999 USD + shipping and tax. You can order online here or email us at sales@terraclear.com for more information.


You can order online here or email us at sales@terraclear.com for more information.


The TC80 Rock Picker is designed to have minimal soil disturbance and can be used on any field in which you are comfortable driving a utility tractor, skid steer, or CTL. Watch the Rock Picker work on different field conditions here.


The belts on the TC80 Rock Picker are expected to last 150 hours or 50,000 rocks, but customers frequently report them lasting longer. When they do need to be replaced, the belts are simple to switch out and relatively inexpensive.


The TC80 Rock Picker shares the same dumping capabilities that your vehicle provides. This means that the Rock Picker can dump in scab patches, over fences, in trailers, in trucks, and in most other places you’d like your rocks dumped. 


The number of rocks picked varies depending on the density and size of the rocks, the size of the field, and the distance to the rock dumping location. In medium-to-high rock density conditions, the TC80 Rock Picker can pick up to 400 rocks per hour. Using the TerraClear Rock Map will help increase the efficiency of the rock-picking process. 

The TC80 is compatible with most tracked and wheeled equipment models that have 18+ gal/minute hydraulics and a 50% tipping capacity of 2800 lbs. You can read our TC80 Compatibility & Requirements PDF for more details or contact us at sales@terraclear.com with any questions.

Currently, the TC80 is available in the US and Canada. Ordering online is only available for the continental USA. Canadian farmers should email us at sales@terraclear.com.

The TC100 Rock Picker weighs 1600 lbs. See more Rock Picker specifications here.

TerraClear provides a 2-year parts-only warranty for all components of the TC80 for the original owner. This includes electrical, hydraulic, and ground-engaging components. The 2-year warranty begins from the date of the product delivery to the original purchaser.


If you’re not happy with your TC80 Rock Picker for any reason within the first 90 days after delivery, we’ll take it back and issue a refund. You just pay for return shipping.