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Rock Map

Know precisely where your rocks are.

TerraClear’s Rock Map gives you the ability to know where those frustrating rocks are in your field before they become a problem. The Rock Map shows you the size and location of each rock and tracks your progress as you pick them, making you more efficient than ever at picking rock.

Why a TerraClear Rock Map?

Locate Rocks, Precisely

Stop combing your fields searching for rocks. TerraClear's Rock Map pinpoints exactly where the rocks are in your field so you can go right to them.

Prevent Equipment Damage

Missing a rock can sideline your equipment at the worst moment. Know that you've done everything to mitigate costly rock damage.

Delegate, Efficiently

Pay your workers to pick rocks, not search for them. Knowing where your rocks are means that you can spend time and money on the problem, not looking for the problem.

Real-Time Rock Tracking

With the TerraClear mobile app, you get a real-time map of your rocks to aid you while you're picking. As you drive to and pick a rock, the map marks the rock as picked.

Explore the Rock Map

Map the location and size of rocks in your field

Try the Prescription Tool Now!

Explore how the TerraClear Rock Map uses map insights to help you clear your field rock more efficiently.

Try the Prescription Tool Now!

Explore how the TerraClear Rock Map uses map insights to help you clear your field rock more efficiently.

See the Rock Map in Action!

How it Works


We Fly Your

TerraClear and our drone partners capture high resolution aerial imagery of your fields.

Rock Mapping Drone Flying In The Air


We Create Your

Our AI system processes the images, turning them into readable maps that display the size and location of each rock.

Rock Mapping Field Graphic


You Use Your 

Using our mobile app connected to GPS services, you can efficiently navigate to the problematic rocks and track your progress.

Rock Mapping Service Shown On A Ipad
Rock Mapping Drone Flying In The Air
Rock Mapping Field Graphic
Rock Mapping Service Shown On A Ipad

From the Farm

"It never gets old looking at these maps, I love people's faces when they see a picture of the actual rock."

— Devin Nohl, MN Farmer
"Seeing how the team used the Rock Map and the Rock Picker to pick the troublesome rocks was remarkable. It saved me time during a tight window around planting."

— Mark Baune, ID Farmer
"The mapping was really impressive. You could easily filter it based on rock size and if you were in a hurry and wanted to just pick the larger rocks in an instant the software would tell you the exact location of all those rocks."

— Conrad Arnzen, ID Farmer

Rock Map FAQs

Can I speak with someone before ordering?


Absolutely. Email us at or call us on 712-513-2809 and select option one (1).

What’s the minimum acreage?


The minimum acreage for mapping is 500 acres.

How much does the map cost?


Pricing and availability is subject to location. Contact us for more information.

Can I fly my own fields if I have a drone?


Currently mapping is only available through approved 3rd parties and TerraClear.

Who produces the Rock Map? 


TerraClear produces all Rock Maps using imagery provided by our drone partners. In some cases, we fly your fields with our own drones and pilots, but typically one of our TerraClear certified drone partners will fly your field.

How do I receive my Rock Map?  


We deliver every rock map through TerraClear’s mobile app. Once we’ve processed the map, we’ll notify you and provide instructions on how to access it.

Where is the Rock Map available?   


Currently, TerraClear Rock Maps are available in the US and Canada in select regions. Ordering online is only available for the continental USA. Canadian farmers should email us at

What can I do with my Rock Map?


Once the Rock Map is downloaded to the TerraClear Mobile app, you will know exactly where those troublesome rocks are. By enabling GPS and activating “pick” mode in the app, your path through the field will be tracked. All rocks within your path will be automatically marked as picked as you travel from rock to rock to pick.