Rock Picking Service

Stop worrying about your rocks.

If you don’t have time or labor, or just want to ensure that the job gets done right, the TerraClear Rock Picking Service has you covered. Service is available when you need it, every fall post harvest and throughout the spring, both before and after planting.

Why use TerraClear’s Rock Picking Service?

Labor-saving efficiency

TerraClear’s service providers take care of it all.

Flexible scheduling

TerraClear’s service providers take care of it all.

Labor-saving efficiency

TerraClear’s service providers take care of it all.

Cost Effective

Because you don’t have to waste time and money looking for rocks

Customer Story

How It Works

Step 1.

Call us to schedule. We’ll work with you to fit into a window that works for your operation.

Step 2.

We’ll come and map your fields with a drone or ground-based option.

Step 3.

One of our service providers will pick your rocks using our TC80 Rock Picker and Rock Map.

Rock Picking Service FAQs

We custom quote each job based on the data from the Rock Map (i.e., field size, rock density, rock size) so you only pay for the rocks you want removed. Customers typically pay between $2-$9 per acre for the Rock Picking Service in addition to $3 per acre for the Rock Map.
Note: For orders received after February 1, 2024, the price of the Rock Map increases to $4 per acre.


We can pick rocks between 7”-26”. You get to choose the rock sizes in that range that you want removed.

TerraClear’s Rock Picking Service is currently available in Minnesota and Iowa, plus limited availability in other regions. Please contact us here or email us at sales@terraclear.com to find out if it’s available in your location.


We do our best to pick based on your timeline. The most common times to pick are pre-plant and post-plant in the spring and post-harvest in the fall.


Our rock-picking team will either dump rocks in designated rock piles or we will leave the rocks at the field entrance.


Yes. You can choose to keep only the Rock Map for $4 per acre. Another option to obtain a lower quote is to request that we only pick larger rocks, like 10” and above, for example.