Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Browse our list of FAQs for the Rock Picker, Rock Mapping Service, and TerraClear Opportunities. If you have additional questions, please inquire below.

TerraClear Rock Picking Service

We custom quote each job based on the data from the Rock Map (i.e., field size, rock density, rock size) so you only pay for the rocks you want removed. Customers typically pay between $2-$9 per acre for the Rock Picking Service in addition to $4 per acre for the Rock Map.

We can pick rocks between 7”-26”. You get to choose the rock sizes in that range that you want removed.

TerraClear’s Rock Picking Service is currently available in Minnesota and Iowa, plus limited availability in other regions. Please contact us here or email us at sales@terraclear.com to find out if it’s available in your location.


We do our best to pick based on your timeline. The most common times to pick are pre-plant and post-plant in the spring and post-harvest in the fall.


Our rock-picking team will either dump rocks in designated rock piles or we will leave the rocks at the field entrance.


Yes. You can choose to keep only the Rock Map for $3 per acre. Another option to obtain a lower quote is to request that we only pick larger rocks, like 10” and above, for example.
Note: For orders received after February 1, 2024, the price of the Rock Map increases to $4 per acre.

TerraClear Rock Map

TerraClear’s Rock Map gives you the ability to know where those frustrating rocks are in your field before they become a problem. The Rock Map shows you the size and location of each rock and tracks your progress as you pick them, making you more efficient at getting the job done. Another benefit of the Rock Map is that it increases your picking window because you know the exact location of the rocks in your field. This means you can even pick efficiently post-planting, when often rocks are harder to spot. Learn more about TerraClear’s rock mapping and end-to-end solution here.

The Rock Map is available for $4 per acre. And if you aren’t happy with your map after using it, we will refund your money. 

We know you’re going to appreciate the efficiency that the Rock Map adds to your picking operation, but if you aren’t happy with your map after using it, we will refund your money. 


To generate the map, we fly your fields with a drone and capture high-resolution imagery. The images are then processed using artificial intelligence to pinpoint the location and the size of rocks that are 8" and larger. The map is delivered to you on our easy-to-use TerraClear app (Android or iOS), which not only shows you where the rocks are located, but using GPS it guides you along the most efficient route and tracks your progress. 

The TerraClear Rock Map can be generated on many field conditions but is most accurate when done on cultivated-bare soil fields, early growth pastures, low emergence seeded fields, and medium to low residue or stubble fields. The bottom line is that if the rocks are visible, TerraClear’s Rock Map will work. Learn more about our Rock Map here or email us at sales@terraclear.com.

The location accuracy of rocks on the Rock Map is less than 50cm. Accuracy using the map in the field to locate rocks is dependent upon your device. Most farmers are successful using the native GPS on their mobile devices (iOS or Android). Learn more about TerraClear’s Rock Mapping Service here.


We deliver every rock map through TerraClear’s easy-to-use mobile app (Android and iOS). Once we’ve processed your map, we notify you and provide instructions on how to access it.

TerraClear’s Rock Map is easy to use and does not require special equipment. To view and use the Rock Map, you will need an Android phone, iPhone, or tablet with GPS. To increase the accuracy, an affordable GPS-boosting device can be used. Contact us here for more information regarding devices and equipment compatible with TerraClear Rock Maps.

Once you’re notified that the Rock Map is available to you via the TerraClear Mobile app, you will see exactly where those troublesome rocks are. By enabling GPS and activating “pick mode” in the app, you are presented with an optimal path to guide you through the field. All rocks within your path are automatically marked as picked as you travel from rock to rock.


Currently, mapping is only available through TerraClear. 

TerraClear Rock Picker

TC80 Rock Picker is available for $19,999 USD + shipping and tax. You can order online here or email us at sales@terraclear.com for more information.


You can order online here or email us at sales@terraclear.com for more information.


The TC80 Rock Picker is designed to have minimal soil disturbance and can be used on any field in which you are comfortable driving a utility tractor, skid steer, or CTL. Watch the Rock Picker work on different field conditions here.


The belts on the TC80 Rock Picker are expected to last 150 hours or 50,000 rocks, but customers frequently report them lasting longer. When they do need to be replaced, the belts are simple to switch out and relatively inexpensive.


The TC80 Rock Picker shares the same dumping capabilities that your vehicle provides. This means that the Rock Picker can dump in scab patches, over fences, in trailers, in trucks, and in most other places you’d like your rocks dumped. 


The number of rocks picked varies depending on the density and size of the rocks, the size of the field, and the distance to the rock dumping location. In medium-to-high rock density conditions, the TC80 Rock Picker can pick up to 400 rocks per hour. Using the TerraClear Rock Map will help increase the efficiency of the rock-picking process. 

The TC80 is compatible with most tracked and wheeled equipment models that have 18+ gal/minute hydraulics and a 50% tipping capacity of 2800 lbs. You can read our TC80 Compatibility & Requirements PDF for more details or contact us at sales@terraclear.com with any questions.

Currently, the TC80 is available in the US and Canada. Ordering online is only available for the continental USA. Canadian farmers should email us at sales@terraclear.com.

The TC100 Rock Picker weighs 1600 lbs. See more Rock Picker specifications here.

TerraClear provides a 2-year parts-only warranty for all components of the TC80 for the original owner. This includes electrical, hydraulic, and ground-engaging components. The 2-year warranty begins from the date of the product delivery to the original purchaser.


If you’re not happy with your TC80 Rock Picker for any reason within the first 90 days after delivery, we’ll take it back and issue a refund. You just pay for return shipping.

TerraClear Careers

TerraClear is always looking for top talent! Learn more about career opportunities and open positions here or email us at career@terraclear.com.

Service Provider Opportunities

TerraClear has opportunities for custom service providers interested in offering a highly profitable Rock Picking Service to farmers using the TerraClear Rock Picker and Rock Map solutions. If you are interested, submit an inquiry to info@terraclear.com and we will contact you to discuss.