2022 Crop Robotics Landscape

The Mixing Bowl’s 2022 Crop Robotics Landscape

If you’re looking for a great read on the future of agriculture, check out The Mixing Bowl’s 2022 Crop Robotics Landscape. TerraClear is just one of nearly 250 exciting companies developing crop robotic systems mentioned in the article.

“Are we finally starting to see the adoption of labor-saving robots in agriculture? The short and unfulfilling summary answer is “It depends”. Undeniably, we are seeing clear signs of progress yet, simultaneously, we see clear signs of more progress needed. (Hi-res copy of the landscape)

Earlier this year, Western Growers Association produced an excellent report that outlined the need for robotics in agriculture. Ongoing labor challenges are, of course, a major driver, but so are rising costs, future demand, climate change impacts, and sustainability, among others. The use of robotics in agricultural production is the next progression of decades of increasing mechanization and automation to enhance crop production. Today’s crop robotics can build upon these preceding solutions and leverage newer technologies like precise navigation, vision and other sensor systems, connectivity and interoperability protocols, deep learning and artificial intelligence to address farmers’ current and future challenges.”

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