Picking Rocks: Old Problem Meets New Technology

TerraClear is excited to be featured on AgweekTV to share how the TC100 Rock Picker and the Rock Map are changing how farmers everywhere pick rock.

AGWEEK TV – TerraClear, a Grangeville, Idaho-based company founded in 2017, has developed a solution to a problem that many farmers face: rocks in their fields. The TerraClear Rock Picker uses artificial intelligence and robotics to remove rocks from fields quickly and efficiently, without causing damage to equipment.

 The Rock Picker can be attached to most models of tractors, CTLs, or skid steers, and is operated using a joystick.

The Rock Map technology, which uses a drone to map the location of rocks in a field, can be accessed via TerraClear’s mobile app. Farmers can use the app to track the location of rocks in their fields and plan a clear and efficient path for removal. The Rock Picker is fast and precise, removing as many as 600 rocks per hour with minimal soil disruption. This saves farmers time and fuel, and allows them to expand their picking window.

The technology works in real-time, allowing farmers to filter out small rocks and track their progress while picking. TerraClear launched its early adopter program in September 2021, selling out and highlighting the demand for the product. The company commercially launched months later with its TC80 model, and soon after developed the TC100 model to give producers a faster and more efficient option. TerraClear is also working toward a fully autonomous Rock Picker that will be the “Roomba for rocks.”

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