Summer Intern Experience 2020

This summer we had the opportunity to host three young and promising field operations and marketing interns at our testing facility in Grangeville. At the beginning of their internships we directed them to never be afraid to ask lots of questions, voice their opinions, and get their hands dirty! Here is what they said about their experiences:


My internship at Terraclear was a unique and eye-opening experience. I was given the opportunity to work with the field operations team with which I did ground truthing, virtual picking, and data collection. While these tasks in themselves were fun and exciting, they were nothing compared to the team of hardworking individuals that I worked with all summer. Their energy and enthusiasm motivated me to work my hardest everyday. Interning at Terraclear was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had, and I feel honored to have been a part of the team. 


My Summer TerraClear internship was an amazing experience and privilege. I spent time working with and getting to know the Field Ops team both in the field—in trucks, rangers, and skid-steers—and in the office and machine shop—at my desk, in a forklift, or in front of a chop saw. I got to know Grangeville much better than anyone I can think of besides locals, and started to feel more like an Idahoan myself (which is a statement I’m sure will elicit laughter). Working besides experienced mechanical engineers, computer scientists, marketing people, farmers, welders, and other interns has been extremely valuable to me and their experience and insight has rubbed off on me in many ways. My practical design and fabrication skills in particular have grown a lot over the past three months, as well as my ability to load, unload, and back up trailers (I’m a pro now). I’d like to thank everyone who mentored me, worked alongside me, or whom I was able to impart some of my own knowledge to, and I certainly hope to be a part of TerraClear and the TerraClear team again in the future.


Interning for Terraclear this summer was a fun, exciting, and fast paced adventure. I had the opportunity to gain exposure to all parts of the business from marketing and field ops to product design. I thoroughly enjoyed the all hands on deck mentality that encompassed everyone on the team willing to get their hands dirty. This experience pushed me to grow professionally and personally, something that most companies cannot offer. At the end of the day, I most admire Terraclear because of their fabulous team and its strong dedication to solve problems for farmers. 

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