Rock Mapping Service

In select regions, TerraClear provides an on-demand service to map the rocks in your field, providing you with a map that shows the location and size of each rock 8” or larger. Whether with our picker or another, you can efficiently travel the field and go directly to the problematic rocks.
Rock Mapping Service Gif
Step 1

You Select the Fields

Use the TerraClear app to outline your field.
TerraClear App Interface Graphic
Step 2

We Fly Your Fields

We fly drones to capture high resolution aerial photographs of your field.
Rock Mapping Drone Flying In The Air
Step 3

We Create Your Maps

Using artificial intelligence we take the images from the field and generate a map displaying the size and location of each rock.
Rock Mapping Field Graphic
Step 4

Use Your Map

Using our mobile app connected to GPS services, you can efficiently navigate to the problematic rocks in your field.
NOTE: Android mobile app currently available. iOS mobile app coming soon.
Rock Mapping Service Shown On A Ipad

See the Rock Map In Action

terraclear rock-mapping service