Ag Robotics Roundtable – Future of Agriculture

Tim Hammerich of FoA (Future of Agriculture) hosted a virtual Ag Robotics Roundtable to discuss the challenges and opportunities of automation in agriculture. President Trevor Thompson represented TerraClear at the event alongside other Ag leaders.

Listen to the podcast for a chance to hear more about:

  • What’s driving the robotics revolution?
  • Labor costs
  • Non-chemical options
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Tech advancements and cheaper materials (generally)
  • How they’re setting up their business models to both lower the upfront costs, but also improve the ROI over time.
  • How they are handling the upfront costs to customers of autonomous equipment
  • How these robots can become more than just replacements for machinery or labor, and truly realize their potential as the central “brains” of the farming operation.
  • How they’re setting up distribution, support, and supply chains to manufacture these machines
  • A brief conversation about raising capital and how they’re thinking about exits in this robotics space.

Future of Agriculture with Tim Hammerich

Leaders by order of appearance:

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