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In select regions, TerraClear provides a custom service to map and pick the rocks in your field.
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TerraClear Custom Provider

TerraClear Custom Providers utilize TerraClear's Rock Mapping & Rock Picking technologies to provide custom rock picking jobs across the United States. Become a TerraClear Custom Provider and make up to $800/day picking rocks!
The rock picker is a versatile implement that makes picking rock easy

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From the Farm

Farmer case study from Matt Holman & Ed Stuivenga
"The best part of TerraClear coming out to pick rock was that we didn’t have to pick the rock ourselves. They did the job from start to finish in a very timely manner."

— Matt Holman, Farmer
Farmer case study from Matt Holman & Ed Stuivenga
“Having a rock free field when harvesting garbanzo beans is vital, if you hit one rock, it's game over for a while. The Rock Map helped us to make sure the fields were rock free and avoid rock damage to equipment.”

— Alex, Koinonia Farms
Farmer testimonial from Mark Baune
"The mapping was really impressive. You could easily filter it based on rock size and if you were in a hurry and wanted to just pick the larger rocks in an instant the software would tell you the exact location of all those rocks."

— Conrad Arnzen, Farmer
“What you guys did in 6 hours would have taken me 2 weeks and I would not have done as good of a job.”

— Scott Wasem, Farmer