Freedom from rocks.
Freedom to farm.

TerraClear relentlessly pursues painless rock clearance at a
cost that works for every farmer.

What We Do

TerraClear is the end-to-end solution that frees farmers from their rock problem.

Rock Map

The Rock Map gives you the ability to know where those frustrating rocks are in your field before they become a problem.

Pinpoint every rock by size and location

Plan your picking to prioritize the most problematic rocks

Have confidence that you've picked every rock

Explore the Rock Map

Map the location and size of rocks in your field

Try the Prescription Tool Now!

Explore how the TerraClear Rock Map uses map insights to help you clear your field rock more efficiently.

Try the Prescription Tool Now!

Explore how the TerraClear Rock Map uses map insights to help you clear your field rock more efficiently.

Rock Picker

The Rock Picker is a versatile implement that enables highly efficient precision rock picking with minimal soil disruption.

Pick 4"-26" rocks, even if buried

Pick in any field condition, including stubble, planted, and more

More efficient use of labor at 600 rocks per hour

Works with your existing tractor, CTL, or skid steer

Do You Like Getting Your Hands Dirty?

What Farmers Are Saying

Farmer testimonial from Rehder Farms
"The technology that is involved in this machinery is ingenious! The kids put in a lot of P.E. hours picking rocks this spring while we were in quarantine. The “COVID Rock Pickin’ Crew” approves!!"

— NR Rehder Farms
Farmer case study from Matt Holman & Ed Stuivenga
“TerraClear’s Rock Picker opened up a picking window for my operation and saved me from inevitable rock damage during harvest.”

— Jerry Arnzen, Farmer
Farmer testimonial from Mark Baune
"Seeing how the TerraClear team used the Rock Map and the Rock Picker to pick the troublesome rocks from my field was remarkable. It saved me time during a tight window around planting."

— Mark Baune, Farmer
Farmer testimonial from Conrad Arnzen
“What you guys did in 6 hours would have taken me 2 weeks and I would not have done as good of a job.”

— Scott Wasem, Farmer
Conrad Arnzen, North Idaho Farmer
"The mapping software was really impressive. You could easily filter it based on rock size and if you were in a hurry and wanted to just pick the larger rocks in an instant the software would tell you the exact location of all those rocks."

— Conrad Arnzen, farmer
Recognized Leader in Ag Innovation

Recognized Leader in Ag Innovation

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